Bair Hugger

serious deep joint infections that require additional surgeries


The 3M Bair Hugger surgical warmer is used during hip and knee replacement procedures to maintain a patient’s core body temperature. According to recent medical studies, there are risks associated with the forced-air system, which may allow bacterial contaminants to flood the sterile surgical field.


The Bair Hugger forces hot air into a warming blanket that is placed over the patient during surgery.


Plaintiffs bringing forward infection lawsuits against the makers of Bair Hugger allege the surgical warmer was responsible for deep joint infections after hip implants and knee joint replacement surgeries. More specifically, the allegations entail the faulty design of the Bair Hugger warmer allows bacteria from the operating room floor to be blown in the surgical wound, increasing the risk of infection.


While the body’s natural immune system can respond and eliminate most infections in the blood stream, it is difficult for the immune system to attack bacteria on metal and plastic hip or knee implants. When an infection makes it to an implant, it can multiply rapidly, causing pain, swelling, fevers and fatigue. Users of Bair Hugger have experienced a wide variety of more serious side effects as well, including hospitalization, implant revision surgery, amputation, permanent disability, and even death.


…the faulty design of the Bair Hugger warmer allows bacteria from the operating room floor to be blown in the surgical wound…Patients undergoing a major medical procedure are placing all their trust in the professionals and the devices used to treat them. It is estimated that heating blankets are used in at least 80% of all orthopedic joint surgeries, so if you or a loved one recently underwent hip replacement or joint surgery and were treated with Bair Hugger, you should speak with legal counsel immediately. Surgery comes with its own set of complications, but a professional can help you determine if you’ve been a victim of something related to the use of Bair Hugger specifically.

When someone decides to go under the knife for a hip or knee replacement, they’re already in such a vulnerable position, and to have their trust in the devices used by medical professionals betray them is the ultimate outrage. We want to help people understand their rights, help them understand that they do have a voice and should be heard to not only help themselves but future victims of the same betrayal.

As new federal district court lawsuits are currently being filed against the makers of Bair Hugger, it is critical for anyone who may have been treated with the device to speak to the team at Shiffman Shin to learn more information.


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